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One thing that distinguishes the average Nigerian is doggedness. The average Nigerian can withstand harsh realities and still make the best out of it. Many people have started businesses over the years, but only a few thrive.

Our #TheInspiredDream for this episode is Ben Agu, the MD/CEO of Maxi Technologies Limited (Maxitech), a company that is into the importation of UK /US Fairly used laptops and phones. His company recently added an e-commerce website called in a bid to increase their reach. Ben says, ‘on this website you will find all sort of ICT and electronics devices. And it has a section dedicated to only fairly used laptops and phones as’.

Over the years, many have said that the easiest way to get out of poverty is to look for a problem and render an unusual solution for it. Ben’s company, Maxitech has since discovered the reason it’s existence. He says, “now, what problems are we solving? This cuts across many sectors.” “First, unemployment. We discovered that we can actually use our platform to give over 30,000 people jobs by being Consultants.

So, we created what we call MT Consult under our platform where any interested persons can just register free of charge and start selling laptops, phones and electronics. You can get that at Mt Consult.” “Again, by importing all ‘grade A’ fairly used products, we help to reduce stress associated in using ICT gadgets, and by also making their prices affordable to the common people.’ According to Ben, Maxitech has been around for 5 years now and have gathered a lot of experience in running business. “Well, I was and still inspired by technology and how our country is moving towards technology. So, I love the idea of solving problems with computers.’ He enthused. They launched on All will the 19th of January 2018 after working for the past 16 months.

They’ve really come a long way. Most start-up businesses have one similar problem they to overcome which is the capital problem. What does Ben think? “Well, financial challenges, yes, but God is on our side. Therefore, we have been able to overcome this by restrategizing to get investment funding which I may not disclose the source here now and this has really moved our business to where we are now.” Who is Ben Agu? Ben had his primary and secondary education in Enugu State and then temporarily joined his elder brother in his business in Jos, Plateau State before I went to study law at University of Jos. He says, “I Studied law for a reason, but I have always had passion for business because I discovered that I am an independent person who does not relie so much on government work and the rest.”

Before establishing Maxi Technologies Limited, he had worked with different companies even with a multinational company in Jos as a Marketing Executive. Thereafter, he moved to Lagos and took many marketing and sales courses and started working with Dangote Dancer as a Senior Sales Representative. After that he got another job as a Marketing Manager at Darakach Oil and Gas, and was also a Marketing Consultant to Tuoda Mobile and that put a stop to him working for someone. Now, he is the Managing Director of Maxi Technologies Limited and he believes there is much prospect for me here in the industry he has chosen.

He says, “we are yet to tap the potentials of ICT/ Telecoms in Nigeria.” One thing that aspiring entrepreneurs find inspiring is the story of someone who is succeeding in their field of choice. He advises them. “Business is a war especially in Nigeria’s economy. So aspiring entrepreneurs should know this and prepare themselves well before venturing into business. Now, this is not to scare anyone but rather encourage people who have business ideas they want to run with. So, if as an aspiring business owner you know this ahead of time you will get your weapons ready to win the battle. Business is challenging, yes, but it is very sweet to own a functioning business. That gives you joy and peace of mind especially if your business is solving human problems and touching lives positively.

Therefore, go ahead with that idea in you step by step, shortly you will get to the top where there is space to fly as you want. Thank you.” That’s it! It’s been a pleasure bringing to you another episode of The Inspired Dream. I’m yours truly, Leke Ademo This is a publication of:

Posted By Benson Agu


Monday, May 22, 2017 11:23:29 AM Africa/Lagos

A cell phone or a mobile phone as most Africa’s will call it, is one of those items that a lot of people depend on these days for their day to day living and business, so choosing which one to buy is an important decision. There are many different models, from phones that really just make phone calls to tiny pocket computers like what Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, LG, Nexus and Apple make, which do everything except wash the dishes and help with kids. Which model to get is not the only choice to make; there is also the choice between new and Refurbished cell phones on where a Refurbished Phone is usually a lot less expensive than buying a similar device new, as what most consumers are concerned is whether a Refurbished phone really works reliably.



The decision to actually buy a Refurbished cell phone has several parts, including the issue of whether buying any cell phone is really necessary. Other considerations include price, functions, risk, and which kind of cell phone is actually wanted. One thing to consider when buying a new or Refurbished phone is whether it is locked or unlocked. A GSM unlocked phone is available for use on any network. So, if considering a certain price point, a Refurbished GSM unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 may make more sense than a locked Samsung Galaxy S6, even if the S6 were to be new.



The most obvious reason to buy a Refurbished phone is price. A Refurbished phone is less expensive than a similar new phone, everything else being equal. Everything else is not always equal, and it is sometimes possible to find a deeply discounted new phone that is a better deal than a Refurbished phone would be. There are people who really like having the newest, flashiest gadget, but there are other people who really prefer to stick with what works for them. Companies, like Apple and Nokia, are constantly rolling out new designs that a user may or may not want.


Smartphones are especially complicated now that they include APPS, CAMERAS, and ACCESS WI-FI, and when they break down, manufacturers do know how to fix them and put them back on the market again. Because of this, Refurbished phones are 99% nearly as reliable as new phones, and they are usually much more affordable. Warranties can give buyers much more peace of mind, and consumers should not forget that it is possible to have a warranty on a Refurbished phone.


Once you have decided to BUY or SHOP for a mobile phone, remember that has listed new, and Refurbished mobile phones together, it is easy to compare Refurbished phones to the available new cell phone and get the phone that really is the best buy.

For more information on refurbished mobile phones visit

Posted By Collins Obidiagha


Friday, May 12, 2017 12:54:54 PM Africa/Lagos

A Projector is a device designed to take an image from a video source and project it as faithfully as possible onto a screen or other surface. Projectors are used in a variety of different ways; they are enjoyed by home theater enthusiasts due to their ability to project movies and television programs onto a screen much larger than even the biggest TV available, and used in the corporate setting to project information onto screens large enough for rooms filled with people to see. Projectors come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and are produced by many different companies.

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Posted By Collins Obidiagha


Monday, March 6, 2017 5:13:05 PM Africa/Lagos

                                                                  is a fast growing Nigeria one-stop online shopping mall since launch. Our platform offers authentic mobile phones, laptops, desktops, Software, electronics, home and office appliances, ICT devices etc.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Marketing Executive

Location: Lagos

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description:

Accomplishes marketing and sales human resource objectives by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing job contributions; planning and reviewing compensation actions; enforcing policies and procedures.

Achieves marketing and sales operational objectives by contributing marketing and sales information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews; preparing and completing action plans; implementing production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; resolving problems; completing audits; identifying trends; determining system improvements; implementing change.

Meets marketing and sales financial objectives by forecasting requirements; preparing an annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions.

Determines annual and gross-profit plans by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for regions; projecting expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products; analyzing trends and results; establishing pricing strategies; recommending selling prices; monitoring costs, competition, supply, and demand.

Accomplishes marketing and sales objectives by planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating advertising, merchandising, and trade promotion programs; developing field sales action plans.

Identifies marketing opportunities by identifying consumer requirements; defining market, competitor's share, and competitor's strengths and weaknesses; forecasting projected business; establishing targeted market share.

Improves product marketability and profitability by researching, identifying, and capitalizing on market opportunities; improving product packaging; coordinating new product development.

Sustains rapport with key accounts by making periodic visits; exploring specific needs; anticipating new opportunities.

Provides information by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends.

Protects organization's value by keeping information confidential.

Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.

Accomplishes marketing and organization mission by completing related results as needed.

Marketing and Sales Skills:

Financial Planning and Strategy, Marketing Concepts, Positioning, People Management, Territory Management, Sales Planning, Competitive Analysis, Understanding the Customer, Product Development, Client Relationships, Creative Services

OND/HND/BSC and willingness to learn. Work experience in this field will be an added advantage.

Application Closing Date:

20th March, 2017

How to Apply:

Interested Persons should forward their CV to:
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Posted By Benson Agu

These are 7 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Online Business

Saturday, January 28, 2017 8:42:38 PM Africa/Lagos


These are 7 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Online Business


No matter what size your online shop is – the competition is strong and you only have one single target: keep growing! The problem: The day only has got 24 hours and your employees already operate at full capacity. Clearly, you might be confronted with other important things than the analysis of your data now, but actually, this is your key to success. Fast and more efficient growth only is possible, if you display your business processes in a holistic reporting and – on this basis – adjust those key levers that actually inherit optimization potential. Anything else is pure luck. And who, seriously, wants to rely on his luck in times of highly competitive online markets?

  • Collecting Data: You can’t manage what you can’t measure!

Only the one who measures and reports can draw conclusions from previous decisions. A few examples gained in practice:  Where purchases increased due to marketing activities, the costumer approach was a successful one. Where no repurchasing customers were gained through expensive marketing channels, the budget allocation probably was inefficient. Where inventories are continually bursting at the seams while richly available product groups are only ordered two months a year, the buying department needs to take better decisions and the marketing team should set up special promotion campaigns to end the chaos.

You can only improve what you are aware of. Thus, the first step to success is: data collection!

  • Evaluation: Where do investments lead to the best results?

You have to know when and where your activities work out well, badly or even not at all. To gain those insights, the collected data has to be evaluated – and this happens to be the trickiest step on the way to data-driven success: all generated data (web analytics, shop, ERP) needs to be processed to a holistic database that has to be easy to handle without any manual efforts even for very detailed analyses.

Even for the big players with own IT departments; this project is barely manageable – small online shops mostly do not even have any internal IT resources. minubo offers the solution: fast and uncomplicated data analyses that are easy to handle even for non-IT-guys display all of your company’s business processes holistically and make data the basis for better decision making for every employee.

  • Take better decisions!

The evaluated data is the basis for a data-driven optimization of your business processes. Where do I need to shorten marketing budgets? Where do I have to place them instead to achieve the highest sales and to acquire the biggest number of repurchasing customers with my campaign portfolio? When and how do I have to address my existing customers to reactivate them? How and when do I have to adjust my assortments and my inventory to achieve maximum profits? How do I avoid returns to increase my contribution margins? Using minubo, you will find answers to all these question and are enabled to take better decisions.

  • Thorough data analysis = efficient resource allocation = higher margins

Keep track of your decisions’ results directly in your profits! The experience with our customers shows increasing margins by up to 19% through the identification of profitable clients and products as well as 32% reduction of costs, if unprofitable marketing campaigns are identified in time.

  • And now?

You already own the key for fast and efficient growth! It is hidden within the data storages of your IT systems. Using minubo, value creation potentials become usable in an uncomplicated, fast and affordable way –comprehensive Business Intelligence as a product solution in the cloud. This way, you are well prepared for ecommerce’s highly competitive markets

Running an online business presents a whole new set of challenges. There are so many ways in which you can market your business that it is difficult to know where to start. Often business owners get so bogged down in trying to figure out what to do that next that it starts to affect the efficiency of the business. It's important to keep reminding yourself of the key purpose of your business. When you do everything with your main strategy in the forefront of your mind, you will ensure that your business operates with maximum efficiency. Here are some tips to help you improve the efficiency of your online business.

These are 7 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Online Business

1. Have a Clear Strategy for Your Online Business

Many companies simply start a website because everyone else is but they don't think clearly through the purpose behind the website and how they want it to influence their business. The result is usually a great-looking website that really doesn't add much value to the business. When taking your company online, have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with your website. Do you want to use it to showcase your products or services, reach out to more potential customers, sell your services or interact with your customers? Having a specific objective in mind for your website helps prevent you from getting involved in a whole bunch of extra activities that don't really make an impact on your business. This will help you to be more efficient in your online business.

2. Keep Things Simple

It is tempting to sometimes try to compete with the companies that rank high on the search engines. You look at their sites and see that they have various articles, blogs, FAQs, extensive product lines, chat forums and client service centers. These are all good elements of a website but they require a lot of time to keep current and effective. If you are a small or medium-sized business, you may not have the capacity to maintain all of these tools. Instead, select just two that you think will be most effective and focus on those. This will make sure that what you do is most efficient.

3. Look for Ways to Trim Expenses

Efficiency is not only about improving ways of doing things. It also includes effective ways for cutting back on unnecessary costs. Take a careful look at your office operations and consider if there are ways in which you could reduce your overhead. One cost-effective office solution is to switch from a traditional fax to an online faxing system. This can help you reduce the costs of office equipment and consumables and cut down on your telecommunications costs.

4. How Can You Speed up Processes?

Thanks to advances in technology, there are ways in which you can speed up your processes without compromising on service delivery or quality. Using online payment mechanisms, online faxing, online data capture and virtual services can help you to speed up your processes. Saving time in business effectively translates to saving money.

5. Keep Your Administration Current

Administration is a part of the business that no one likes to do yet it is essential. When you let your admin fall behind, you affect the efficiency of your operations. It's much more efficient to pull up a file on your computer than to dig through piles of papers to find it. Create folders on your computer where you can file emails and faxes for easy reference. Make sure that your anti-virus software is regularly updated and that you run scans to keep your systems secure. Back up your system onto external hard drives. This will ensure that if computers are stolen or data is corrupted, you have a backup of your files and can continue to do business with minimal interruptions.

6. Put Yourself in Your Customers' Shoes

Always think of what your customers want. Think of how your products and services will be relevant to them. Think of ways to deliver your product that is easy and convenient for your customers. When you are focused on delivering a quality service to your customers, you will be more conscious of finding the most efficient way to do things.

7. Keep Current with Online Trends

The online industry is constantly evolving. New products are introduced almost on a daily basis that can help you to make your business more efficient. Easier ways of keeping in touch with customers and systems to help you manage your business can help you make your online business more efficient.

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Posted By Benson Agu


Tuesday, January 17, 2017 4:47:36 PM Africa/Lagos



Today 17th of January 2017 marks the end of all underground work of Team in making sure that our efforts day and night for several months now come to fruition. 18TH OF JANUARY 2017 IS THE OPENING DATE FOR SHOPPING AT SUFTEL.COM. Don't Miss out on the Amazing Discounts, Free Shipping, Promo Prices, Genuine Products, Fast Shipping, Technical Support For Life, etc.

To be frank, I cannot but appreciate all the people behind the scene working tirelessly in actualizing what I will describe as DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY SHIFT IN ONLINE SHOPPING SERVICES in Nigeria currently.

We have come a long way in our bid to make certain that online shoppers are at ease when considering ordering for products online. Yes, it is no long a news that Nigerians are now preferring buying things online at the comfort of their bedroom, because currently there are many online portals selling different products, though not without some CHALLENGES. And on this ground that emerged to salvage this disturbing issues.

We took our time to understudy issues challenging online platforms in Nigeria and the world over, and we discovered the main issues that needed to be addressed to make shopping online a memorable experience for everyone. In addressing these issues, we decided here to inform you our potential associate 7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD SHOP AT SUFTEL.COM when we finally lift up the flag  tomorrow.

These reasons are noting but the beginning of the numerous things that will be unfolded as you get linked to, and they are:

Based on the report of our thorough market and customer research carried out before establishing this platform, we have strong conviction to offer the following below in order to achieve our entire business purpose:

(1)          0% product return platform due to right product delivery. With this we make 100% sure that no                customer shall return any product ordered due to wrong colour, features, brand, size,       description, or because of damage.

(2)           Customer’s Dedicated Personal Assistance (DPA). We provide a dedicated staff to each and      every     one of our customers to handle issues peculiar to the customer in the cause of our                business relationship with them, be it individual or organization.

(3)          Wholesale and Retail Platform. Our platform is reckoned as enabling wholesalers of mobile         phones, computers & laptops, electronics and their accessories alongside retail sales in the industry.

(4)          Corporate Charity. In our bid to support knowledge based economy, we have mapped out 0.5%               from every product sold to establish Suftel Programming and Research Institute to empower            youths between the ages of 18-40 as a way of giving back to the Nigerian society and the world       at large.

(5)          SUFTEL.COM has an easy navigation and ordering processes to make shopping very enjoyable to             our numerous customers across the nation of Nigeria. 

(6)          SUFTEL.COM offers full Technical Support to every customer and to every product bought on    our platform throughout the life span of the product.

(7)          SUFTEL.COM stays open 24*7/365 to buy or to sell and proffers maximum of 24 hours e-mail      reply to all inquiries and complaints.

Thank you for shopping, please tell others about us!!! Suftel……experience peace!!!



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Tuesday, November 15, 2016 4:56:25 PM Africa/Lagos

Strategies On How To Market A Smartphone

Sales is a journey. If the customer does not understand where you are headed and why she should come along, she won't.

More and more people are adopting smartphones and many are even switching to them completely. This means that the tasks that were earlier done with the help of computers or desktops are now being done using smartphones. Moreover, the popularity of smartphones has given rise to an insatiable appetite for content and has made people increasingly impatient. If people are not able to access content on their smartphones, they give up all attempts to access the content and move on to another website that offers content tailored to be accessed on smartphones.

There are many e-commerce sites that are been launched day by day and the basic tips to make such store popular is to include some common products that are in high demand. Beside that price comparison is a vital matter. A cell phone user always seeks for compatible accessories that are available in an affordable price.
Below are the strategies needed on how to market a smartphone:-

 Find Out What Your Customers Want

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that your opinion about your customers matters because it doesn’t at all. Find out what your customers want from you and how you can better deliver it to them, and then, get out of the way.

Sharpen your mobile presence around what your customers have told you they want — not what you assumed or what you want them to want from you. According to Seth Talbott Preferling, he said “You can destroy a perfectly good business with brilliant but worthless opinions about your customers”.

 Finding new 'mobile habits' is key

And while you work on being more available, you also have to do more in order to get – and keep – their attention.
One underutilized way of doing so is to understand that 'being mobile' does not just mean being able to access information, but it also means a lot of new habits.

These new habits are so important to marketers because ‘habits are the new viral'. That is, if you can tap into your customers' new habits effectively, then you stand to enjoy the organic growth that comes from a viral campaign.

 Have a Great Mobile Design

To me, mobile is all about the experience. There is no more questioning if customers will purchase via mobile; we already know they will. But it needs to be a seamless, natural experience to browse, shop and checkout.

 Include a Price Comparison

Your customers are going to compare prices anyway, so have a price comparison on your mobile app. As long as your products are competitively priced, you’ll enjoy more purchases.

 Self-expression is another very import part of mobile

A commonly-overlooked fact is that a mobile device is often a person's only 'personal' computer. Desktops are typically shared in a household and IT departments at work have made sure that we never feel too much at home on our office computer.

So, to capitalize on this personal connection, marketers should devise a mobile strategy that helps consumers use their product as a way to express themselves. One company that has excelled at this in a surprising way is Coca-Cola. Its personalized Coke bottles and 'Share-a-Coke' selfie campaign have resulted in millions of photos of Coke products which would never have been taken without it.


We are no more in the olden days; the global village is now in realization. Each and every day, people keep moving into the global world. I foresee a great failure for those not using smartphone, because nowadays, human power is no more needed, technology is actually taking over.

For most of us, our phones have become a part of us. We would no more leave the house without the phone than we would without clothes.

But if you have a gadget you’re going to carry around with you everywhere, you really should get the most out of it. If you upgrade from a standard phone to a smartphone, there’s a whole world of new things you can do.

For example, you’re at dinner with some friends, and you decide to go to a movie. Unless you’ve planned ahead for this, how are you going to know what’s playing where? Well, you could go to the nearest theater and hope there’s something you like starting soon… but if you had a smartphone you could look up the movie times and locations while you’re still sitting at the table.

That’s because smartphones have web browsers on them, and if there’s something you want to know, you can look it up immediately wherever you are, and not have to wait until you can find a computer.


It Helps To Make Notes and Schedule Work
Making notes and scheduling tasks is an art that can make one’s life very comfortable. Students can use many note taking apps on their smartphones to adopt this useful habit. This can also help them keep track of their school work and different activities at home. Once students adopt the habit of scheduling, they have much better productivity as adults too!

It Helps In Communicating with Friends and Family

The smartphone is used very often for communicating with friends and arranging meet-ups. There is no doubt that being able to communicate has a number of benefits for people from any age group. This can also greatly aid the students if they are in any trouble and require assistance from a parent or an elder. The good people at e-Learning Info graphics maintain that students having a smartphone will study more efficiently than students who do not own one. This does not only involve more studying, but also good studying habits and tracking records to evaluate where they need to put in more effort.

It reduces your expenditures

Other than all the reasons mentioned above, it is a fact that mobile phones are relatively expensive than they used to be before, it was much more cheaper to have a mobile phone couple of years ago than what it is now. If you don’t want to buy your kid an expensive iPhone or any other smartphone, you can buy them a low-end Nokia or Samsung mobile that comes with basic features and does the pretty good job at it.

To be informed and not to be deformed

The world is spherical; smartphone helps you moving with the world.

It changes your status.

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Posted By Benson Agu


Tuesday, November 15, 2016 4:13:59 PM Africa/Lagos


We’ve changed the way we go shopping. In just a decade online shopping – buying goods on the Internet – has gone from being virtually non-existent to become worth billions of pounds each year. Books, CDs, clothes, electronics, we go shopping online for them all, without ever leaving our living rooms.

Where we used to go into town or to a regional shopping centre, now we stay at home and surf the Internet. The widespread adoption of home computers and high speed broadband connections, as well as the number of retailers offering goods online has created a kind of shopping revolution.

These days we take shopping online for granted, an adoption that’s happened remarkably quickly. We can even order groceries online with delivery the next day – if needs be we don’t need to set foot out of our homes!
Why Has Online Shopping Become So Popular?

Online shopping offers immense choice. Retailers with bricks-and-mortar premises are limited in the amount of goods they can show or even keep in their inventories. That’s perfectly understandable, since both represent a significant investment of capital. Internet retailers have no such constraints. They simply have to show pictures and offer descriptions of the entire range, making things much better for consumers.

Where those shopping in retail parks might have to wait for certain items (such as sofas) for up to two months, generally online shopping offers a swift dispatch of goods, eliminating that waiting time – after all, once we’ve spent our money, we don’t want to wait.

Online shopping offers so many advantages for consumers. It’s easy – retailers deliberately make their web sites simple to navigate and use – and with a credit card the world is your oyster. The choice can seem almost infinite, and we’re no longer restricted to just buying locally or through mail order catalogues. We don’t need to bother with opening hours, pushy sales staff, parking, traffic and the hundred other problems that accompany any shopping trip. The process can take as long as you like – or be over in a matter of minutes. You can buy from anywhere in the world. It seems like a Golden Age of shopping.

Consumers certainly believe so, as the e-commerce market has boomed to ridiculous levels. Even credit crunches can’t seem to dim the appetite for online shopping.
The Future for Online Shopping
In 2006 the European e-commerce market was worth £66 billion. By 2011 that’s forecast to reach over £200 billion, a massive increase – This has doubled as at 2016 with Britain the biggest market of online shoppers on the continent.

No matter the economic climate, the forecast is that the amount spent shopping online will keep increasing year by year. However, as there’s only a finite amount of money to be spent, if online spending increases, then spending elsewhere has to decrease, and those high street retailers, whether chains or independently owned shops will be the casualties – it’s worth noting that most big retailers now also sell through web sites.

Of course, online shopping won’t ever completely eliminate its physical counterpart. There are still areas where we prefer to go into a shop and select items – they’re part of any community, from newsagents to supermarkets. But there’s no going back, and online shopping will become an even more central part of our lives, growing more sophisticated with each passing year.

For over a decade all the talk in business has been about globalization. Big companies are now worldwide, and brands like McDonald’s, Starbucks and Disney are recognized in almost every country, for better or worse.

But it’s the Internet and the online world that’s the true face of globalization. The online marketplace really is global. With a credit card you can buy almost anything from anywhere in the world. The Internet literally offers a whole new world of shopping.
What’s on Offer on the Internet
Have you been trying to obtain a CD or book that’s not published in this country? Perhaps a Japanese dress you’ve seen in a magazine? All you need to do is go online and you can find it with a simple search.

The Internet has created a shopping revolution. On a global level, e-commerce, as it’s known, is massive business, and some online companies have become massive retailers, such as Amazon, which began as a book retailer in the mid-1990s and now sells almost everything, a giant in the online marketplace, with sites for several different countries.

It’s actually an exciting time to be a shopper. If you’re careful, using the Internet means you can make your money stretch further, and find items that are different, even unique.

The Downside of The Internet As A Global Marketplace
For consumers, Internet shopping is like being a kid in a sweet shop. We’re spoilt for choice, able to purchase goods from anywhere in the world – and the online marketplace is geared to sell on a global scale.
For retailers, however, it’s a different matter. People only have so much money to spend, so they’re all chasing a finite amount of currency. That means a lot of competition, and the losers for several years have been bricks-and-mortar retailers. Although we’ll still pick them for some things – groceries, for instance, and furniture – in many instances we turn to the Internet.
Internet retailers have a number of advantages over their High Street counterparts. They can show everything, whereas others are constrained by space and inventory. Often they don’t have inventory problems, as they don’t hold the goods themselves, but channel the orders to wholesalers and manufacturers. All of this is squeezing retailers, and forcing many out of business. Those who have shops around the country also offer online shopping, recognizing the power of the online marketplace to reach those who can’t come to their stores.
But where we’d once have pumped money into our local economies, rarely leaving out hometowns to buy things, now that cash flows globally, much of it overseas, which can have an adverse effect on the British economy as it affects the import-export balance of trade.
Internet shopping certainly offers lots of advantages for consumers – you can compare prices for everywhere, you don’t need to spend money on petrol, parking, and have to deal with traffic. It might not always be cheaper, but the convenience and the choice can cancel out cost. Instead of sometimes waiting weeks for something to be in stock again at a physical retailer, goods are dispatched promptly.
What the Global Marketplace Has Done
The Internet ties us all together in a way that was unimaginable a generation ago. We correspond with people from all over and think nothing of a shopping trip to Hong Kong, China or America without even leaving our living rooms. We’ve become sophisticated shoppers. But what the local effects of our new habits will be, remains to be fully seen.

Everyone loves a bargain, and we’re all looking to find things on the cheap. It’s human nature not to want to spend more money than we have to. Thanks to the Internet, finding bargains is easier than ever before. The boom in online shopping has made it easier than ever to find bargains – no matter where in the world they might be.

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Posted By Benson Agu
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